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              Services Overview

              Compliance and List Verification Services

              Unspam provides innovative solutions to assist marketers in complying with the regulatory framework at the state and federal level. At the state level, Unspam is developed exclusive tools that allow marketers to comply with the child protection statutes adopted by Michigan and Utah. Unspam's scrub-processing, as required by state law, takes into account the concerns of list secrecy while making compliance easy and otherwise unthreatening. For more information about complying with Utah's and Michigan's laws, visit the RegistryCompliance.com website.

              Unspam's unique research services allow legitimate senders of commercial e-mail to determine whether the lists that they acquire are free from unsolicited, harvested addresses. With a database of over 1 million confirmed harvested e-mail addresses, Unspam offers senders a perspective that can help them avoid purchasing harvested lists, decreasing complaints from recipients and steering senders clear of the restrictions under the federal CAN-SPAM law that outlaws automatic address harvesting.