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              Registry Compliance 4.3 for Windows Now Available
              (Jul 11, 2019 ; Technical Announcement by Eric L)

              Version 4.3 of the Registry Compliance application for windows is now available Download Now

              Parenting in a Digital Era
              (Mar 28, 2016 ; Summary by ; Article by Mother's Niche Blog)

              Parenting in a digital era has its challenges. As a working mother who is driven and often distracted by the constant connection to work and social platforms, I have caught myself tuning into the screen rather than my children's faces. There have been times even when my kids were demanding my attention, and I found myself unable to disconnect from the technology in my hands. Distracted parenting has caused some real strife in my relationships with my children.

              When my children were young it was easier to set up "dates" and to go out and connect with them. While reading this blog post, it reaffirmed my need to put down the device. While technology can add a lot of enjoyment, convenience, and education it can never replace what we as humans need, to know we are loved and feel a connection with those around us.

              I hope you enjoy this authors post and make time to enjoy your children.

              25 Fabulously Unforgettable Dates with Your Child that You Both Will Still be Talking About for Months

              New Search Engine for Kids
              (Feb 28, 2016 ; Summary by ; Article by Mirror World News (UK))

              There is a new search engine out for kids. It is called Kiddle and uses human editors and is filtered by google safe search. The new tool appears to have caused some confusion and concerns among users that Google is associated with its company. This impression may be in conjunction with a number of news outlets have reported the search engine site is an official Google spin-off looking to cater to young internet users.

              The new site will likely allow parents to feel some peace of mind when it comes to kids and the Internet, giving kids unlimited access to the wealth of knowledge at their fingertips without the nasty stuff. However, caution should be used as there have been multiple reports of unsavory content by parents over Twitter. One positive feature is that the site does not collect any personal information and the logs are deleted every twenty-four hours.

              In order for this to be an effective tool, parents will need to make Kiddle their default browser on their internet browsers on all computers, smartphones or tablets that a child has access. Caution should be used when deciding to rely on this as your internet babysitter there is never a better supervision than the watchful eye of a concerned parent.

              Check out Kiddle.co and let us know what you think!

              Tech-savvy sex traffickers luring teens online
              (Nov 20, 2015 ; Summary by ; Article by Philly Voice)

              Sex Traffickers are using technology as a way to lure children into their world. While your child may feel safe behind a computer screen sex traffickers are using that vulnerability to pull children into their dark world.

              Talking to our children about the risks of strangers online is important. You can access resources to learn about parental controls by downloading the e-Book at the donotcontact.utah.gov site. While there consider registering your electronic contact points (email, mobile numbers) to stop adult product marketing.

              Read more about Tech-savvy sex traffickers stay ahead of authorities as they lure teens online

              Colorado High School Sexting Scandal
              (Nov 15, 2015 ; Summary by ; Article by KUTV)


              Do you talk to your children about their long-term risks of using technology inappropriately? Sometimes our children have a hard time understanding that the picture they send isn't between them and the intended recipient. That whatever picture they send once pushed out is no longer under their control.

              In the article linked below kids at a Colorado High School have found themselves facing lifelong consequences. Please take the time to share this article with your children and help them to understand that there are real world consequences for their actions when using their cell phones.

              For parental control information on devices and information about apps kids are using download our e-book, become informed and work to empower your youth to respect the privilege of technology and to understand the risks involved.

              Colorado School Sexting Scandal Read Here

              Parental e-Book Online Safety Resource

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